IP address

There are networking devices and internet devices, which have assigned IP addresses. These IP addresses helps devices to connect with internet and other devices.

Here, we will give you full information about most used IP address which is assigned to router device. It is All the routers didn’t have this IP, it can be different like

Configure Router Through

Routers also provided IP addresses that help users to configure the devices via computer or laptop. Here in this section, you get to know how to adjust the settings and networks of router.

Configure Router Through

There can be errors while accessing the IP interface, we will list them down and provide solutions to fix the issues.

Errors While Accessing

Let’s see reasons of these errors related to the IP address and its interface.

Reasons of Errors

Now, we will provide solutions to fix the IP address technical errors which are given below.

Solutions to Fix Issues

There major five troubleshooting tips and solutions that will help of you to fix the IP address related problems.

Check Typed IP Address

You should check IP address that you have typed in the address bar of the browser in your computer. Make sure that it is which is correct IP address.

Use Updated Web Browser

If you are not using an updated browser in your computer to reach the router interface, then you can face troubles and errors. Update the browser to dispel the problems. To update, just go to the browser settings> About> click Update button.

Use Updated Web Browser

Check Hardware Connections

Make sure the router is receiving internet through Ethernet cable. The cable must be connected to the correct ports of the modem and router. You should select router WAN port and modem LAN port.

Check Internet Connectivity

The router must receive internet from the modem. To make sure the router is connected to the internet or not, you can see Internet LED on the router. If it is red then router is not connected to internet.

Dispel Network Interruption

Electronic devices are the biggest reasons why your IP address is not working because of the internet signals interruptions. So change the location of the router, if you find any electronic devices nearby.

Above, you have read about what is IP address, and you can use it to setup and configure a WiFi router through your computer.

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